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Strong Rock Tattoo Aftercare

July 9, 2017 ₦3,980.00 Free Visit Store Website
  • Stretch marks appear on the skin, most often the hips, abdomen, and breasts from extreme stretching and the rupture of the skin’s tissue.
    This unique product with special formula helps to fade away stretch marks, body lines and ridge lines.
    YC Stretch Mark reduces discoloration, enhancing texture and softness to lessen the appearance of stretch marks.
    It lubricates the skin to help it retain its natural elasticity and moisture.
    It also helps relieve the dryness associated with stretched skin due to pregnancy and weight loss.
    It helps to moisturize, soften and increase skin elasticity, which helps prevent and reduce stretch marks.
  • Use daily for best results concentrating on the stomach, breasts, waist and thighs

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