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Biamiss Snail Repair Liquid (10ml)

July 9, 2017 ₦6,000.00 Free Visit Store Website

It is a kind of skin care product with the active ingredient as helix Aspersa muller slime extract which is extracted from the snail slime. The secrete slime of snail has the magic effect of moisturizing, wound healing and regeneration.
The secrete slime of snail contains natural element of chondroitin sulphate, which can metabolise the aging keratin, prevent skin aging, promote skin regeneration, protect against the damages of certain harmful bacteria, promote the synthesis and regeneration of fibroblast, removes scars, acne and spot, narrow the pores and have other effects
Usage method: apply 3 -4 drops evenly on the face after cleansing the facial skin in the morning or evening, gently massage with the middle finger and ring finger until completely absorbed.

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